Gourde BioTech USA
Gourde BioTech USA

Optigura's best sellers: High-tech workout accessories and equipment

Gone are the days when a simple pair of sneakers, fresh air and a hat were the only things you needed to train with. Workout accessories have evolved over the last 10 years and have changed the way we train; helping athletes to maximise their performance and make more gains than ever before. We now have access to high-tech equipment and accessories that help improve performance, increase comfort and grip and help avoid the risk of injuries. Your workout toolkit has never been so advanced!

High quality fitness accessories at the best prices

We have selected for you the best exercise accessories to optimise your performance. We sell only the best brands and highest quality products to make sure you get the gold standard in fitness accessories.

Our huge range of products include special accessory items for both men and women.

  • Gloves: helping to improve grip and comfort during weight training
  • Wrist Braces: to help stabilise the wrist joint and avoid the risk of injuries on heavy exercises such as bench presses
  • Pads and Grips: to help give you a secure grip when lifting heavy weights
  • Lifting Straps and Hooks: providing a secure grip and support when lifting extremely heavy weights
  • Knee Braces and Support: to avoid tears of quadriceps, patella breakdowns and help you lift heavier on exercises such as squats
  • Lifting Belts: to support your lower back and core when performing heavy lifting
  • Gym Bags: essential to keeping your fitness life organised and easy
  • Meal Management Bags: our bags help you to keep your easily manage your food requirements when on the go
  • Shakers: essential to keeping you hydrated and nourished with protein shakes and juices
  • Water bottles: to help optimise your hydration during all types of workouts
  • Pill Boxes: the perfect accessory to help you keep on track of your daily nutrient intake