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Protein Wafers
Protein Wafers
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The world of high performance snacks: Protein packed bars, biscuits and treats.

Today's high performance snacks are better than ever and offer a huge variety of products, tastes, textures and nutirional benefits. Gone are the days of filling that hole in your post-workout stomach with some nasty, cardboard-tasting protein snacks. Welcome to the future of delicious, nutritious, muscle-icious protein bars and snacks.

It's true that we should get most of our proteins and nutrients from a balanced daily diet, to fuel our bodies and keep us healthy. But sometimes it's not always convenient to eat a full sit-down meal or fresh snack if you're on the run. Protein snacks, such as bars, nuts and seeds, or beef jerky are some good snack choices that also count nutritionally.

Protein bars and snacks are generally rich in protein and have very low amount of fat, carobhydrates, sugars and calories. Taken before or after your workout can help feed your muscles the important protein they need to grow, helping you reach your fitness and body goals. They provide a guilt-free snack option even for those who follow strict diet plans. Thanks to carefully formulated recipes, it's now possible to eat biscuits, brownies, waffles and chips without consuming all the bad stuff that is usually jammed packed into snacks like this.

Smart snacks for athletes

  • Nuts and seeds: eaten by themselves or added to food such as greek yoghurt, cereals or blended into butters- nuts and seeds provide a naturally protein packed snack.
  • Oat bars: a super convenient quick snack that you can chuck in your gym bag and consume after training.
  • Beef Jerky: high in protein and sodium, which helps you fulfil your muscle gaining needs and can also help stop cramping during a workout.
  • Protein cookie: for those of you with a sweet tooth that can't resist treating yourself- do it the right way with a protein packed cookie that has a low fat, calorie and carb count.
  • Protein bar: ready to consume immediately, these are now a gym-bag essential item to help fulfil your protein needs post-training.