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Beef protein isolate: turning you into a lean, mean, muscle machine.

Consuming protein from whole food sources is super important for contributing to whole body wellness. Beef is one of those food which is a high source of protein, however whole-food beef contains a lot of fat and cholesterol, which is not ideal for those wanting to stick to a lean diet. So what if you could ingest the same protein, minus all the unwanted stuff, like fat, sugar and lactose?

Hello beef protein isolate! Beef supplements go through a hydrolysation process that breaks the protein down to the amino acid base, leaving it jammed full of things like vitamin A, C, B6, B12, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and potassium. Not to mention the protein factor- containing 95% or more of pure, muscle building protein. During the hyrdolysation process, the beef is filtered to remove fats and cholesterol, leaving a product of high purity with only the essential ingredients for building muscles.

Another advantage of taking a beef protein supplement, rather than from whole foods, is that its a lot more easy to digest.

Is beef protein better than whey protein?

The protein powders most used, most purchased and most sought after by bodybuilders are Whey products, which are the proteins derived from milk. These combine high assimilation speed, good absorption qualities and a price that can challenge its competitors.

When comparing whey protein and beef protein, you should consider factors such as biological value (which measures the percentage of protein the body uses effectively), purity of the supplements (how much sugar, fats and cholesterol they contain), absorption rate (more sugar means slower absorption rate because they have to work harder to break down proteins to their basic form, amino acids).

What Optigura recommends

Beef protein is ideal for a protein diet, a muscle building or a slimming diet and is best taken in the morning, or before/ after a workout.

Its important to research which parts of the animal the beef protein comes from. If it is not mentioned on the container, its a good idea to do your research, as some producers take offal protein, which is not entirely suitable for what a bodybuilder is looking for.

Not sure how to consume a beef protein supplement? Aside from mixing it with your favourite fresh food ingredients in a beef protein shake, why not try it in a snack like jerky?

Armed with all this information, you can now take your carnivore skills to the expert level!