Healthy food alternatives

100% Organic Coconut Oil
100% Organic Coconut Oil
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Eat my gluten-free granola dust!

Whether you’re eliminating certain ingredients from your diet or just hoping to eat a little healthier, we have a range of healthy foods and kitchen staples to help your wellness journey.

The road to healthy eating isn't a straight line. Whether you are trying to eliminate calories and fat or transition to a gluten free, vegan or dairy free diet- it takes time to adjust and find the right balance of foods that work for you and your body.

Eating outside of what's considered a 'standard diet' does not mean you have to limit yourself. These days there are plenty of food alternatives to things like pasta, breads, sauces, desserts that don't contain gluten, sugars, calories or animal bi-products. It's also now possible to find all your favourite products in organic form- like peanut butter, almond butter, pasta and flour- the possibilities are actually endless!

At Optigura, we offer a a huge selection of special diet food alternatives will help you change these limits into possibilities.