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HMB 1000
HMB 1000

HMB- the secret to reducing muscle protein breakdown

HMB (beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate) is an active metabolite of the amino acid leucine, which helps reduce muscle protein breakdown.

When we compare HMB to leucine, HMB is stronger on a gram per gram basis at reducing the rate of muscle protein breakdown, but is less effective than leucine at promoting muscle protein synthesis. As a result, HMB has a bigger role to play in the rate of muscle break down than it does for increasing muscle mass.

Therefore, its an ideal supplement for recovery.

How to take HMB- recommended dosage and best times to consume.

The HMB recommended dosage ranges from 1-3g daily for the average person. Taking HMB one hour before exercise is the best time to help to reduce muscle damage. If it's not possible to take HMB before your workout, take a dose immediately post-training.

Some athletes who are on a HMB diet notice bigger improvements in their results from increasing their daily amount to 5g. If you want to further personalise you dosage, check the instructions on the packaging and consume according to your weight. You should spread your daily dosage over two or three equal servings and consume these servings throughout the day.