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Hydro Whey Zero
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What is Hydrolysed Whey?

Hydrolysed whey is considered the best whey on the market. Simply speaking, it's a broken down version of whey that is easy on your digestive system and provides muscle-friendly proteins to your body to help speed up recovery time.

Unlike other proteins such as whey concentrate or whey isolate, this unique formula is obtained by hydrolyzing, or pre-digesting, intact proteins into a mixture of amino acids and smaller proteins. Breaking long chains of proteins and amino acids by enzymatic reaction will create peptides that will allow maximum absorption speed. The hydrolysis process mimics our own digestive actions for greater efficiency. As a result, we can say that hydrolysed whey is a predigested protein.

In addition to boosting recovery time, it is also one of the richest cources of BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids), is a great energy pick-me-up, provides a good range of antioxidants and really bulks up those muscles. Aside from these great benefits, it's popularity rests in the fact that its digestion rate is unbeatable compared to other forms of whey.

In addition, hydrolysed whey has a much lower risk of allergy due to animal proteins as with cow's milk and you are not likely to have digestive problems. It is a protein particularly recommended to the most demanding athletes in terms of protein quality and who wish to benefit from the best in post-training. Moreover, it is an ideal protein for a dry muscle mass, for the physical preparation as well as for periods of dryness or competition.

When to take Hydrolysed whey

Outside the post-training phase, there is no interest in using hydrolysed whey. Indeed, it is interesting only after your session for a perfect and instantaneous assimilation of proteins and amino acids in the muscles. It is even faster than whey isolate and very quickly became a best-selling whey snack after training with its rapid intake of protein into the muscles.

Hydrolysed whey can also be used before your workout due to its extremely fast absorption rate. It can very rapidly deliver a large dose of amino acids to produce energy and reduce the catabolic impact of training. In this case, it can allow you to train more efficiently, especially during periods of dryness.