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Iso Whey Zero Native
Iso Whey Zero Native
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What is native whey?

Native whey, also known as undenatured whey, is known for its high quality, thanks to its minimal processing and transformation of natural proteins. Native whey comes from pasteurised milk- it is pasteurised and made directly into milk and has nothing to do with the cheese making process. All other types of whey, which are produced during the cheese making process, are pasteurised twice during the production process. Native Whey is pasteurised only once at a cooler temperature to preserve the character of the protein.

It is free from ingredients that have a tendency to disrupt digestive health and that interfere with protein absorption (such as milk solids, milk powder, fats, casein, bacteria, enzymes and rennet), leaving us with a product of superior nutritional quality; compared to other wheys on the market.

Since the Native whey protein is kept intact during the soft pasteurisation process, it assists in the rapid intake in amino acids, an optimal muscular anabolism, a better recovery and a quality dry muscular construction. The final product consists of many important elements such as antioxidants, soluble proteins, lactose, essential amino acids, BCAAs (branch-chain-amino-acids) and mineral salts of unbeatable quality.

  • Cold pressed
  • Micro and ultra-filtered
  • Easily digested
  • High bioavailability
  • No nasty additives
  • High in leucine
  • No by-products

The role of native or undenatured whey

Native or undenatured whey has a level of purity that makes it the best form of protein for nutrition. A lot of protein manufacturers are beginning to invest in this market but prices remain relatively high compared to other forms of whey. The purity and the bioavailability of this form of protein higher as the rate of absorption is ultra-fast. With a high biological value and optimal absorption, this form of native whey will help you to take dry muscle mass and recover quickly between your intensive workouts!

When to take native whey

Undenatured native whey is best taken around your workout (half an hour before or immediately after) as well as in a snack to allow better recovery and optimal muscle development. In addition to its protein intake, you will be able to benefit from its many ingredients that improve your health and performance during training.