Fire Start Energy Gel
Fire Start Energy Gel

Boost your endurance performance with energy gels

Endurance is often overlooked by many athletes when it comes to getting healthy and fit. The focus tends to be on loosing weight and increasing muscle mass- but in reality, endurance is an extremely important factor that all fitness goals depend on. Stamina helps us push that extra mile or do an extra set of reps. Endurance takes a lot of time and effort to build but is vital to help you reach your optimum fitness level.

Nowadays, there exists many high quality supplements that can help provide that energy boost to push you that extra mile.

What are energy gels and how do they help increase endurance?

To help stay at a high level of physical performance and intensity, particularly for workouts over 1 hour, athletes often consume additional carbohydrates in the form of energy gels or bars.

These specially formulated energy gels and bars provide athletes with concentrated sources of energy, to help them maintain high intensity levels of physical performance. They usually contain a mixture of carbohydrates (glucose and fructose), amino acids and other nutrients that allow for a burst of energy during your workout. Some gels also contain a percentage of caffeine.

Carbohydrates (specifically glucose) are the main source of energy for all physical activities. Carbs provide long lasting energy when it is expelled at a moderate level. When the intensity and duration of physical exercise is increased, the body starts using free fatty acids to feed muscles energy.

Benefits of using an energy gel

Energy gels are great items to have in your gym bag, particularly for endurance based athletes. Not only are they great for giving you a boost of energy to push further in your performance, they have a bunch of other noteworthy benefits;

  • Convenient and easy to consume
  • Easy and quick to digest
  • Boosts your energy levels
  • Replenishes glycogen levels within the body
  • Helps improve your physical performance

How to take energy gels

Different energy gels are designed to be consumed during different times. For example, pre-workout gels are great before starting your training, to raise those energy levels if you are starting off down. Some are formulated to be taken mid-workout to give you an energy kick if you feel like you are lacking, whereas others are designed to be taken post-workout to aid in recovery.