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Protein Fusion 85
Protein Fusion 85

The versatile whey protein blend

Protein blends contain a combination of various sources of whey proteins like concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate to give your muscles the essential proteins they need to grow and refuel in time for the next workout.

They are composed of a variety of fast and slow acting proteins:

  • Fast acting proteins: Whey protein is the usual fast acting protein used in protein blends. It is found as whey concentrate or whey isolate.
  • Moderate speed proteins: Generally, we can find eggs protein or soy protein.
  • Slow acting proteins: The classic slow acting protein is casein. It is either found as calcium caseinate or as micellar casein.

A blended protein powder can be taken at anytime of the day and will help you to maximise your rate of recovery. Mix a few scoops with your morning pancakes or take it in a protein shaker. They are the perfect choice for anyone wanting to maximise their fitness results.

Optigura has carefully selected the highest quality protein blends that will help you achieve big gains in your fitness goals.