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Carb Killa Shake
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Ready-to-drink protein shakes

Practical for those on-the-go types, ready-to-drink (RTD) protein shakes are becoming the must-have essential item in every athletes gym bag.

  • No mixing or shaking
  • Zero preparation required
  • Convenient for when you're in a rush
  • Helps you easily meet your protein requirements

Protein shakes are the best friends of bodybuilders, athletes and professional sportsmen. Compared to a traditional homemade shake, which can only be kept in the fridge for maximum 72 hours, RTD protein shakes are ready to go when you are!

An easy and practical solution to meeting your daily protein intake requirements, pre-made protein shakes mean no more mixing powders, no more blending- all the hard work is done for you and delivered in one convenient bottle. It is ready-to-drink, wherever you are.

Will I be meeting my required protein intake with a ready to drink shake?

Of course you will! RTD protein shakes are packed full of proteins and other important elements to muscle development and recovery, such as vitamins, zero added sugars, real fruit juices and minimal calories.

When should I consume a protein shake?

When taken immediately after exercise, a protein shake can increase muscle recovery while assisting the development of muscles after intense physical exertion. It is essential to bring a sufficient amount of proteins and amino acids to the body after a workout in order to avoid muscular catabolism. The weapon of choice to fulfil this need: the trusty protein drink.

You should, whenever its possible, consume real whole foods to get your protein and nutritional intake. However, the proteins found in meat, fish, dairy products and eggs, are not always in available in sufficient quantities. When practicing physical activity such as bodybuilding, the body's need for protein increase. That's why it's important to supplement your normal whole foods intake with an additional protein source like RTD shakes.

In addition, the ingredients often used in these shakes are real fruit juices, quality milk and natural flavours. This is a good way to break the routine and have fun after a workout while fueling your body with everything it needs and meet your physical and sports goals!

Some suggestions from Optigura

Consume in moderation- some protein beverages have a high calorie value which means you can gain weight if consumed in large quantities.

A protein shake is best consumed half an hour before a workout, or immediately following intense physical activity.

Experiment with flavours- find the right RTD protein shake for you! In todays market, there is a wide choice of sweet and fruity tastes to allow you to take incredibly delicious and gourmet snacks. Reward yourself after your workout!