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Drain' Detox®
Drain' Detox®

The skinny on tea's and weight loss drinks

Weight loss and detox drinks exist to help you loose weight and cleanse your body, whilst maintaining muscle mass. These slimming drinks allow you to increase your daily intake of water in order to release more toxins and waste from your body while remaining hydrated. Moreover, they are very low in calories and are flavoured to please a variety of tastes. You will be able to quench your thirst without feeling guilty!

If your goal is to loose weight fast, reduce bloating and cleanse your body from within, then a special skinny beverage might just be what you need.

Weight loss drinks are mainly made up of natural ingredients to enable you to lose weight effectively. They can be divided into several different categories:

  • Slimming and detox teas: these kinds of teas are usually composed of blended traditional organic herbs, that especially formulated to help support weight loss. They work by increasing the bodys metabolism and calorie expenditure to help you lose weight and fat faster
  • Detox drinks: drinks that eliminate toxins and waste from the body. They are mainly composed of natural extracts of plants like: dandelion, fennel, green tea
  • Fat burning drinks: drinks to increase metabolism, endurance and physical performance by using the fats already stored for energy purposes. They are mainly composed of ingredients such as: choline, inositol and L-Carnitine. These products speed up the fat burning process, give more energy to the body and preserve lean muscle mass
  • Dietary drinks: drinks that allow you to enjoy yourself without feeling guilty! These kind of drinks contain very little fats and sugars. They are balanced to help you maintain good health and avoid storing fat. They can be incorporated during a period of even the most stringent diet to allow your body to recover better while maintaining and developing a lean muscle mass

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