Taurine for bodybuilding

Taurine Mega Caps
Taurine Mega Caps
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Taurine is an organic acid with sulfur in it (but often referred to as an amino acid) that is an essential building block of protein and contributes to many biological roles within the human body.

Taurine and its benefits for athletic performance

  • Contributes to weight loss by using body fat as fuel
  • Limits the onset of fatigue
  • Boosts your endurance levels
  • Helps improve mental focus
  • Reduces muscle break down and damage
  • Reduces the 'muscle burn' sensation
    • Taurine expands your cells by assisting the muscle cell to retain more water, which increases overall cell volume. This is interesting for bodybuilders because is contributes to cellular hydration and protein synthesis- giving a more full appearance to the muscles.

      Athletes that supplement with Taurine are reported to have increased endurance levels and reduced fatigue, allowing them to perform for longer. The combination of this amino acid with a complex of calcium, chromium and probiotic helps build muscle, increases strength and helps the body better assimilate nutrients. Lastly, Taurine can help a number of antioxidant defence- systems and play a protective role in the body against free radicals.

      How much Taurine can I consume and when?

      Taking 3 to 5 grams of taurine after sports training and / or before bedtime helps to absorb nutrients while eliminating toxins. The sedative and anxiolytic effect of taurine calls for sleep and calm.

      Taurine can be purchased individually or combined in pre-workout and Creatine products. Check out our selection below and fuel your body the right way during your next workout.